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News! Peter will be showing the Dolphin at The Los Altos Fall Festival Classic Car Show, October 7, 2017.

This 1971 Honda 600 was one of the first Hondas to come to the US. It is slightly larger than a piece of plywood (8'-6" x 4'-2"), has a 600 cc air cooled engine that shares oil with the transmission, a magneto. The custom wood sides are African Mahogany with Rock Maple trim. I added the sunroof and side panels, and reconditioned the entire car.

"Chicks love this car."

This car will stop people in their tracks, bring a smile to their face and fond memories to mind

HISTORY: Honda had been selling motorcycles in the US for over a decade, and until the end of 1970 automotive sales were limited to Asia. When the 600 was introduced it was marketed in Hawaii and the west coast by the motorcycle dealerships. Car dealerships started in 1972 with the introduction of the Honda Civic. Sales were good.

BODY: This US body was similar to the Japanese version .The African Mahogany and Rock Maple trim and the sun roof, marker and back up lighting, and vents are styling concepts that were not options on the original cars.

ENGINE: The 600cc air cooled two cylinder engine has a magnito and it shares oil with the four speed transmission (it is more like a motorcycle engine than a car engine). This engine replaced the 350cc that powered the Asian autos.

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About Peter Portugal:  

"I am an artist who loves cars. My first car was a 1931 Ford that had been abandoned in a field, I was 15 and the year was 1957. I have been towing home dead cars ever since.

By the early 60's I had moved on to a 1932 Chrysler four door convertible sedan which I restored and a 1953 Austin Healey. I majored in architectural engineering at Cal Poly, had a model photography company, did instructional research, and became a contractor specializing in restoring and remodeling period homes and businesses. During my spare time I was building and modifying cars."

"In 1988 it was time to take the engineering, art, and construction skills I had developed along that journey and apply them to my first love - cars. The result was the Dolphin. It is a wooden bodied sports car built in the style of Fagoni and Filaschi."

"From there I started building Packard concept cars, customs and other fun projects. I love what I do and it is my hope that you enjoy the projects shown on this website.
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